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The app pulls from your Facebook friends and lets you decide to either pass them by, tell them you want to get down with them, meaning a quick hook up, or to date them.

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Down is a free hook up app that does things a little differently to most of the others.

Rather than showing you strangers that are currently nearby, Down actually focuses on people you already know and lets you get the truth out about how you feel about them.

Because, lets face it, dating can already be expensive.

Take into account a slick outfit, hair products, food and drinks and you have one seriously expensive night on your hands, let alone adding an app into the mix too!

Plus, this free hook up app is created for straight, gay and bi-sexual users so it can be used by anyone with ease.

Bumble is another free hook up app that has a lot to offer.

In fact, most of it’s users use it for an average of 10 minutes each day so you know that they love it!

Tinder is really designed for anyone and they aim to please all manner of people whether you are gay or straight, looking for a threesome or even after a group to spend a night out on the town with.

You need to authenticate your account using your Facebook profile which means that there are very few fake profiles and you are less likely to get cat fished than some of the other apps available. You can totally get away with using a free account on Tinder and still get some great results from it.

With the free version you get a profile, your pick of your own photos to use, heaps of swiping to find people worth matching with and instant chat.

That’s why you are using a hookup apps in the first place right? Maybe you made eyes with someone on a footpath or had a flirt with someone super cute on a train?

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