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Is it OK to hurt and discard people when they don't serve your purpose as long as you believe that the purpose aligns with the Great Commission?What does it say about a church when all the staff are home grown (quite incestuous actually) and no one from the "outside" ever obtains a position of influence? Guilt and shame may work for a while, but they can never free us from ourselves.

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“As we have seen, when sacrifice was offered, part of the meat was given back to the worshipper to hold a feast.

[Often, the temples had large dining rooms for banquets of this sort.] At such a feast it was always held that the god himself was a guest.

This shows the type of control that the culture and leaders had over the congregation.

I am not saying that they were coerced but it's worth noting.) I just re-read "The Letter" that Ed Kang wrote to Becky Kim. I am not going to post the letter (do not ask me for it) but some excerpts can be found in the blog archives.

As flawed as my current church is, I am grateful that I get to experience a growing freedom in my understanding of God and in my relationship with the God of the universe. My church doesn't tell me where to live or who to live with or who to marry. If you've been hurt by Berkland or Gracepoint, I pray for a growing tenderness and a complete spiritual and emotional healing.

I am encouraged to love God and love others as myself without feeling like I have to be tired all the time to prove how much I love them. Jesus never forced anyone to do anything they didn't want to do.

Humor site for Gracepoint Berkeley Church and church plants at Davis, Austin, Minneapolis, San Diego, Riverside, Hsinchu, Los Angeles, Irvine, Santa Barbara, Seattle...

Because we know that laughter is the best medicine, right after Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture and Western medicine.

Becky Kim was intimately involved in many details of running all the BBC churches.

She appointed the leaders of the new churches and made reassignments.

Apostle Paul’s response would have been that participating in these temple feasts is to participate in a religious and spiritual activity that had great significance to pagans, to those who actually believed in these idols.

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