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The main finding of well-being studies, however, has been people’s remarkable ability to adapt, even to extreme changes such as war or bereavement.Happiness and unhappiness seem to become neutralised over time.

I am using that on Linux and it is working great, print screen it is taken from a Linux comp that access Mesh Central 2 will give all this a go and will be able to confirm after i actually try it.

I'm away for a short while right now, but I'm a bit stumped by what you guys are suggesting: Are you saying that even though the KVM is enabled in MEBx and even though the IP is not listening on port 5900 (but *is* listening on port 16992 and shows the AMT options), there is some sort of a hidden way to still enable KVM which would then accept VNC connections on port 5900, which requires installing 3rd party tools just to enable KVM on port 5900?

Note that you'll loose some info such as Serial Number, Service Tag or similar.

What you can do though, if you want to test it and verify that the restriction is there, is to backup your current BIOS ("fptw -bios -d bios.bin") or better yet the entire SPI chip ("fptw -d spi.bin") for safekeeping and then flash the stock one ("fptw -bios -f").

Also the same steps, flash with jumper, shutdown, put jumper back, issue -greset command... The CPU is v Pro capable, so is the chipset (Q77 - right? The only remaining place is the BIOS which is were I assume Dell has placed the restriction.

What you can try is replacing it with the stock one provided at their download site once the executable is unpacked.

If you are on Linux you can try to install Mesh Central 2 as a server on a computer without AMT.

Then you can manage and set all AMT computers accessing that server from any computer with or without AMT.

The first was the very small effect of circumstance on life satisfaction.

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