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When I came home, I fell in love with London again. So much happens here every day and I never get over it. I always take an out-of-town friend to the Tate Modern and the Royal Academy.

I often pop into the Serpentine just to buy postcards. The Musée Picasso in Paris is the place I’ll go if I’m working intensely and have the last day off.

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Her work includes merger and acquisition integrations, facilitating executive and front-line teams through strategic planning and change, collaboration, creation of global experiential leadership programs, diversity and inclusion programs, succession planning, and performance management efforts.

Laura has broad experiences as a skilled facilitator and employs the mutual learning approach.

Outside of her volunteer work, she’s all about her family, exercising and hot yoga!

#whereforartthou #mybeloved #jealousyisacursejarrah A post shared by KRISTIN FISHER EYEBROWS (@kristin.fisher.eyebrows) on 🤤🤤🤤 Our SUGAR-FREE drinking chocolate uses only natural ingredients and has fraction of the calories of other sugar filled beverages! Laura Bailey has led a peripatetic professional life.The London-based model, who has been the face of myriad fashion campaigns, has turned her attention to the other side of the camera as a photographer.“I think storytelling connects the dots in my career,” says the creative polyglot, who is also a mother of two.Laura is considered part of the cultural cognoscenti, and her finds and fancies — from the latest novel to theater production — are fodder for a rigorously paced weekly column, “Laura Loves” (this week, she recommends Phyllida Barlow’s show at the Royal Academy and a vegan restaurant called “Filth”).Her interest in storytelling is commensurate with her sense of curiosity, and her years modeling have afforded her a vast swath of the earth to explore.

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