the dating game tunes - How old was bow wow when he was dating ciara

Like Usher, the teen rap star has come of age in the public eye and now that he's old enough, Bow finally wants to open up more about his private life — starting with his ex-girlfriend, Ciara (see "Ciara Talks Single Life, Dreams Of Acting Like A Boy On Evolution").

"It's one of the most heartfelt records that I've ever done," Bow explained after appearing on "TRL" last week.

"It's about a certain relationship I was in, but how I feel about it now. I'm finally getting the opportunity to get that off my chest. And I'm just welcoming everybody into what's been going on from a year and a half ago until now with me.

Rewind that.' "It's new to me and it's gonna be new to my fans," he concluded.

For many, Russell Wilson and Ciara are #relationshipgoals.

And according to BET, the “Let Me Hold You Down” entertainer reminisced on his time with the “Like A Boy” singer.

In the latest episode of Bow Wow disclosed that he’d asking Ciara to marry him and she said yes.

He literally just took an unsolicited shot at Wendy Williams for no reason.

In a video that I posted earlier, The Game responded to Bow Wow's 100K challenge to play some kind of video game where the winner takes all -- in this case, 0,000.

Let's just say it appears a feud is officially being declared. It all started when Bow Wow came up as a Hot Topic on "The Wendy Williams" show last week. Bow Wow and Ciara are both listed at 5'7" per Google.

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