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Residents can get an updated version of e-ID via an identity authentication app developed by the police, set a password for it, and scan their physical ID cards on the platform.

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Police in Guangzhou of southern China have issued the country’s first We Chat ID on Dec. The e-ID can be used in place of a physical ID card for identity authentication, whenever and wherever necessary, Guangzhou Daily reported on Dec. The e-IDs will be tested in Guangdong province before being promoted across the country by January 2018.

Guangdong residents can apply for and obtain a black-and-white e-ID using We Chat’s facial recognition feature, which can be used to prove one’s identity; for instance, for real-name registration in Internet cafes.

Attempts to send videos larger than 14Mi B on the mobile application get the error "unable to import", although the "say something" caption (if any) is sent anyway.

The error "Unable to share this video due to unspported format" (e.g.

To work around this on Android, first add the image to Favourites (either by sending from a file manager to We Chat Favourites, or by adding from a conversation where you already have a clear copy), then be in the new chat and press " " to add An ordered sequence of up to 30 images may be placed in a We Chat "Note", created by tapping the " " icon at top right of "Me / Favourites" screen (large images are automatically compressed to JPEGs under 300Ki B).

This "Note" approach can be useful for things like showing how to get to a place if they can't read a map; placing the images in a "Note" reduces the chance of their being received out of sequence or with some missing.

If you can root the device then you might be able to create symlinks to the SD card, but these cannot be created for the correct directories on non-rooted devices due to the way Android runs .

The quickest solution could be to ask if they have a tablet or something to run it on instead: in one case I wasted 2½ hours trying 'hacks' only to find the person had already installed it on a tablet and didn't want it on their old phone that badly.

If you frequently meet them, you might be tempted to set up your own We Chat ID for their convenience.

This can however lead to some quite ephemeral contact sharing (e.g.

MP3 files are sent as "files" no matter what, so the desktop application can be used ("drag and drop"); if using the mobile application, shared files (unlike videos) need to be added to "We Chat Favourites" before they can reliably be sent to a chat.

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