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It might be difficult to get time-strapped shoppers to peruse every inch of your store, but there are tactics you can employ to encourage them to make a purchase on the fly to further benefit your bottom line.

Let’s explore a few of these time-tested strategies.

They include the smallest primates in the world, and once included some of the largest.

Currently living lemur species are divided into five families and 15 genera.

It’s true we may have eaten our weight in cheese over the holidays, but buying a gym membership or that pricey exercise equipment conveys our intent to get back in shape (in our minds).

We don’t bother to measure this purchase against our past behaviors (i.e.

Stores have a leg up on being able to tightly control the shopping experience, particularly compared to their etailer counterparts.

So, how can retailers ensure shoppers will still make those unplanned purchases?

We are genetically programmed to acquire new things, even if there’s no immediate need for them.

Not only that — we actually get a true “high” when we shop, based on a growing body of research.

Since the arrival of humans around 2000years ago, lemurs have become restricted to 10% of the island, and many face extinction.

The recent steep increase in species numbers is due to improved genetic analysis, a push to encourage the protection of isolated lemur populations, and the elevation of existing subspecies to full species status.

According to the renowned trade publication, here are some reasons why: Have you been to a child’s birthday party lately?

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