Cam chat local - Internet dating scams from nigeria

Because they've been making money hand over fist with relatively little risk to themselves," Nunnikhoven said.While other West African crime rings exist and often use these romance ploys, this ring also had two scams that were unique, one involving college textbooks, the other prepaid credit cards.

Three were found guilty at trial and received sentences of up to 115 years in prison.

Four defendants remain fugitives, with three last known to be in Nigeria.

"I want you to assist me pay the bill," one note asked. J., who asked CNBC to identify her by her initials. "That one phone call took down this massive fraud network," said Conor Mulroe, a Department of Justice trial attorney, who prosecuted the case. "That they had cars that other students didn't have, they had the watches and all of that, and they threw a lot of parties," Annette Williams said. "We have victim statements where people lost their homes," Annette Williams said. "Many of the victims targeted with counterfeit checks, this episode just sent them into a financial spiral that they're still dealing with," Mulroe said. Investigators worked with South Africa and Canada to extradite those responsible.

"He asked me about my family and I asked him about his. "They had no jobs, they had no source of income other than these scams."At the same time, victims in the U. Twelve pleaded guilty and were sentenced to up to 20 years in prison.

They are far from the only company to get scammed by West African nationals.

"With big businesses we see the same type of scam, but perpetrated on a much larger scale.

They choose these individuals because they are lonely, [and] in most occasions, they have access to money," said Todd Williams, an agent with Homeland Security Investigations. J.'s online boyfriend sent her a box of phones and asked her to mail them to Africa. The Nigerian crime ring created a network of what investigators call electronic-mules, or e-mules, across the U. These victims unwittingly helped carry out a bunch of money-making schemes, like cashing fake checks and shipping goods bought with stolen credit cards. "It probably moved through four different hands before something went overseas," Annette Williams said.

"Am totally new to this online dating stuff…" "Am in West Africa for a particular contract but would be getting that accomplished in a couple of week…" "We should be able to take this relationship to another level when i get home."After a relationship was established, the con artists began asking for favors. That's when she got suspicious and called police. The Nigerian criminals were living large for local standards, both at home in Nigeria and in South Africa, where many of the students were living on student visas.

That woman drove miles to a rural town to meet a man she had never met, but believed she was in love with. "They were asking, 'why aren't I hearing from you? What do you want me to do with the clothes, with the laptop I purchased? The former agent's name and location were used to reel in people looking for love all across the country.

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