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It was initially thought that the album “LAX” by rapper the Game had outsold “All Hope is Gone” by thirteen copies, but after Nielson Soundscan demanded a recount, it was found that Slipknot had sold over a thousand more records than the Game. Nathan Jonas Jordison (born on April 26, 1975 in Des Moines, Iowa) more commonly known as Joey Jordison, is an American drummer and guitarist.

The most fascinating thing about the band (apart from the fabulous)music, are the Slipknot costumes that feature the shocking Slipknot Masks. He is best known for his role as the drummer for nu metal band Slipknot during the 1990s and 2000s as well as substituing for drummer John Dolmayan of System of a Down during a concert October 31st, 2001 as well as filling in for Metallica Drummer in 2004's Download Festival.

Sid and Shawn maintain a rivalry, which usually breaks out as violence on stage. Think what a DJ he coulda been with those extra fingers! In 2002, Jordison, with Wednesday 13 and Tripp Eisen , formed what would become his second most popular band, Murderdolls .

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I just wanna forget this place, where you can't see your f***ing self.

Slipknot are a hugely popular heavy metal band from Iowa. Repeat”, and their first studio album, simply called “Slipknot” was released on June 29, 1999.

He also drummed for Ministry on their tour for the Rio Grande Blood album.

Other Shit Roadrunner United Recently, Jordison played a big part in the 25-year anniversary of Roadrunner Records , the record label which both of his bands - Slipknot and Murderdolls - are signed onto.

Jordison produced, wrote, and played drums on the songs Annihilation By The Hands Of God , Tired 'N Lonely (also played bass guitar ), No Way Out (also played bass guitar), Constitution Down and Enemy Of The State .

It is said that in the first meeting about which musicians on the Roadrunner label to approach for this project, Jordison's was the first name to come up.

You need much more time to ask me a question like that, Another time."Facts Sid is a sick son of a Bitch. He's not the only member that does, but he'll do some crazy shit. I was going to try out for the band, so I went to a show here in Des Moines, Iowa. Performance: Most recently was our last London show. I stood on top of the railing and jumped off backwards with my body straight and my arms out to the side. After touring relentlessly, Slipknot went on hiatus.

He's really sarcastic, and he claims he suffers from 'organic brain syndrome'. Sid was born with 6 fingers on each hand, they were amputated at birth, Shawn: "They cut off his goddamn fingers cos society doesn't like them. During this time Jordison remixed "Fight Song" for Marilyn Manson and was also featured in Manson's "Tainted Love" video.

On the DVD for The All-Star Sessions, Jordison can be seen working on the tracks at a studio in Des Moines, Iowa, and is not wearing his famed Slipknot kabuki mask.

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