Is ray william johnson dating anna

He passed the show on to multiple hosts that on the 13th of december will pass yet again to one of his =3 team members Carlos.

Over time Ray faded from the platform to chase other creative venues, such as producing or writing for television, but would return in 2017 to produce vlogs.

His show was called "Ray William Johnson" but in 2009, he changed it to "=3".

Ray started vlogging in 2010 on a channel called "Breaking NYC", but which promptly ended when his contract with Maker was cancelled and also due to him moving to Los Angeles.

Following his separation with Anna, Ray found love in the arms of Kelly K Ferrell.

The big celebrities and stars viewers see on the TV and films do a lot of great works.

But there are a lot of internet stars out there as well who may not undertake such big projects but make equally interesting and valuable works.

Today let us go through one of such celebrities, Anna Kay Akana. Anna Akana is a very famous internet personality known for her You Tube videos that explore essential yet straightforward issues of life. Find out everything from her family to dating life and boyfriend.

Well, the handsome hunk started appearing on the beauty’s Instagram handle in 2017.

The You Tuber gushed about her beau while talking to According to Anna, when she initially came out to her friends, they thought she was trying to be cool.

Before that they were just friends, but they became "official" when Anna changed her Facebook status in the Breaking NYC vlog from "Single" to "It's Complicated".

They had their first kiss in another Breaking NYC vlog entitled "Vegas New Years".

One of the most devastating and life-changing moments in Anna’s life came when her 13-year-old sister, Katrina committed suicide because of bullying on Valentine’s Day 2007.

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