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After In this episode Francesca and Mark discuss one of Italy’s most famous authors, Italo Calvino.

Calvino’s work can be read on many levels, and as a result of the type of language used, his books are very accessible for learners of Italian.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this second season of Coffee Break In the previous instalment of La Mia Estate which featured in episode 38 of Coffee Break Italian, we left our characters at a dramatic point.

In episode 39, it’s time to see if the night of Ferragosto will help to thaw relations and if the stars finally align for Riccardo and Maria – and for Giorgio and Mia!

In our Q&A segment, Francesca explains the difference between stare and essere.

In episode 3 of the Coffee Break Italian Magazine we’re heading to the north of Italy to find out more about the Walser Community.

In each of the ten episodes of La Mia Estate, you’ll be hearing Italian in context and you’ll be Don’t read this! This episode is based on a notice Mark encounters at You can use the preposition da with an infinitive in Italian to talk about something that has to be done, or that is worth doing.

Join Coffee Break Italian hosts Francesca and Mark for this first episode of our new series, Walk, Talk and Learn Italian.Is this a recipe for disaster, or is it the perfect opportunity for them to get to know each other In this latest episode of Coffee Break Italian, join Francesca and Mark for the fourth instalment of our Italian soap opera, La Mia Estate.Preparations are underway for a summer concert at the campsite and Mia, Anna and Giorgio are busy putting the final arrangements in place.Take a look at a few profiles and if you find the right fit you can schedule with them directly by clicking "Book Now." However, if you’re close to our service areas in New York, New Jersey and California, we can contact our nearby tutors to see if they’re willing to travel to your location, but either way, we will be in touch shortly to help.We’re heading to the kitchen for this episode and learning about the popular pasta dish, le orecchiette.Join Francesca and Mark for the latest episode of Walk, Talk and Learn Italian and learn new phrases which could affect your We’re back with another lesson of Coffee Break Italian, and in lesson 31 we’re presenting the first episode of our Italian soap opera, La Mia Estate. Well, do watch this video if you want to know how to use negative commands in Italian!

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