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I played better overseas.”Under Gimelstob’s tutelage, Isner has climbed to 11th from 19th in the rankings.He takes immense pride in having finished each of the past six seasons in the top 20.“If I didn’t pick up a racket again for the rest of my life, I’d be proud of what I’ve done,” Isner said.For the rest of the afternoon, Gimelstob’s attention was divided between Murray’s rout of Groth and Madison Keys’s three-set victory over Yaroslava Shvedova, playing on a feed in front of him.

Between the end of the practice session and the start of Isner’s second-round match at 11 a.m., there was a two-hour lull, which Gimelstob had no trouble filling.

He conducted interviews on an outside court with the legendary Australian players Fred Stolle and Ken Rosewall and consumed a quick breakfast that consisted of a raspberry muffin and two small containers of yogurt, which he washed down with a large extra-strong latte.

on my computer itching to get the day started.”Roughly 12 hours after climbing off the stationary bike, Gimelstob checked his messages.

Despite making a concerted effort throughout the day to keep up with his correspondence, his unread emails and text messages had grown to nearly 400. On technology’s superhighway, he is not pedaling in place; he is losing ground. After a few hours’ sleep — a long nap, really — he would resume his striving.

Gimelstob has prodded Isner, a homebody at heart, to play more events outside the United States.“I do like being home sitting on the couch watching football,” said Isner, an avid Carolina Panthers fan.

“When I’m watching football at three in the morning in Europe, that’s probably not the most productive thing that I can do, but I can’t help it.”He added, “I do need to expand my comfort zone a bit, and last year I proved that.

On the table next to the television monitor, Gimelstob’s two phones were charging.

He had booted up his laptop, and whenever he got a chance, he worked on a long email intended for his wife, Cary.

To date, John has made a total of ,688,468 in prize money.

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