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Sheela and the other women rescued from the Mombasa club told the Thomson Reuters Foundation they had not been forced to have sex with customers.

Anita Nyanjong, a lawyer for human rights group Equality Now, said it was hard to get to the truth as survivors of trafficking often would not admit what had happened.

told they will be arrested for prostitution if they admit it.” In Kenya, many local women and girls are promised good jobs only to be enslaved in domestic servitude or forced into prostitution - often in the sex tourism industry.

Kenya is home to about 328,000 modern-day slaves - about 1 in 143 of its population - according to the Global Slavery Index by the Walk Free Foundation, an Australia-based rights group.

But in recent years police raids on mujra bars - named after a traditional Asian dance - uncovered organized human trafficking from South Asia to Kenya, a trend highlighted by the United States in its annual Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report.

“The raids have helped us understand the modus operandi of traffickers in Kenya who have agents overseas to recruit women for them,” an official from Kenya’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) said on condition of anonymity.Or that she had no experience as a dancer, had never met the owner of the club, and was not shown an employment contract.With elderly parents to care for and medical bills to clear after her brother suffered a motorbike accident, the offer of 60,000 Kenyan shillings (0) monthly, with food, housing and transport costs all covered, was a no-brainer for Sheela. “I was told that being escorted everywhere by the driver, not leaving the flat except for work, and not having my passport or phone, was for my safety,” added Sheela, who did not want to give her real name, at a safe house in Mombasa’s Shanzu suburb.The women worked every night, were given stage names, and were expected to earn about ,000 each per month in tips.“We didn’t get the tips as they were for the boss,” said Meena, 20, who did not want to give her real friends calls me smilling machine, I grew up in a small village, alast born in afamily of six, working with kids has really taught me true meaning of being patient.

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