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SEC requirements for such implementation would require technical knowledge and we suggest that you secure assistance of professionals.

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A corporation will not recognize any gain or loss on a distribution of cash to its shareholders.[13] But if the corporation distributes appreciated property, the corporation must recognize gain as if the property were sold to the shareholder at fair market value.[14] Important Note: These two rules operate as a loss disallowance system.

If the corporation distributes appreciated property, the corporation is taxed on the gain under Code § 311(b).

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A domestic corporation in the Philippines would normally declare dividends in the Philippines to distribute its earnings accumulated through the unrestricted or free retained earnings.

More dividend distribution means more earnings for the stockholders and would attract more potential investors.

For regulatory purposes, the SEC requires submission of such dividend declaration for further processing and would require certain documentary requirements as follows: Under this property dividend declaration in the Philippines, the stockholder will receive assets of the corporation, other than cash.

It could investment securities of such corporation in the form of shares of stock of other corporations.

Corporate shareholders may prefer that the distribution be treated as a dividend, allowing the corporation to take advantage of the special dividends-received deduction under Code § 243 (which allows the dividends to only be taxed once at the corporate level).

On the other hand, individual shareholders often prefer that the distribution be treated as a redemption, for three reasons: A distribution qualifies as a stock redemption only if it significantly reduces the interest of the shareholder in the corporation.

In a corporate set-up, dividend in the Philippines represents the share of the owners of the corporation – the stockholders.

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