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Directors and producers need to take notice, Joo Jin Mo is the most incredible actor working today. Joo Jin-Mo You are great in action for korean drama Fashion 70s I love it Please send my regard to your partner Lee Yo Won She is pretty and great action too I want to see more your drama or korean flim Thakns and regard ISTI indonesia joo jin mo is dimply the best..portrayal of the role king wang yoo in the series empress ki opened my curiousity to korean dramas..was simply amazing in empress ki and I could not think of anyone who could have done justice to the role except jjm..sad that he has limited exposure, nevertheless he was still the best asset of the show together with hjw..I wish the ending was a happy one ....looking forward to the next jjm drama I can't wait to see you again... He does not need to speak for us to understand his eyes and movements are very expressive. As Wang Yu, Joo Jin Mo embodied lordliness and power. Joo Jin Mo looked every inch a king, and had that natural air of authority which confers a certain prestige on him.

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And so Joo Jin Moo delivered an intense performance that it was hard to tell the difference.

It was as if he was one with his character Wang Yu. wang yoo love you from indonesia hahahhahhaa you are very awesome gila ya abs ntn empress ki ga kuatttt ganteng bgt:( sedih bgt kenapa gak endingnya bahagia sii sm ki nyang nya huhuuhuhuhuu aaa really22 love youuuu please maen film lg dongg One of the best actor I've seen on tv..

They did a great job and should be credited for the success and popularity of this hit drama.

I have read comments from overseas viewers (out of Korea) from time to time regarding why Joo Jin Mo has not become well known in Asia in terms of his outstanding acting skills,charisma, and handsome look. Hi, I normally dont comment like this, but youre performance along wtih the other main characters and almost everybody in Empress Ki gave justice to the drama series.

He has a lovely voice and I enjoy listening to him sing. If you ever come to Houston, Texas USA I would love to take you out and show you around. Jenny My first Korean drama is My Love Eundong (This is my Love on Netflix).

Watching these shows has created a curiosity in me for the Korean Culture and language. I am so glad to have watched this drama and I am in awe of superb acting skills and charisma of Joo Jin Mo.

It did not only entertain but gives the viewers lots of values epsecially youre role, the Empress, the Emperor as well as Tal Tal's role.

I love the values which shows humility, love of the country, not being greedy for power, fame and money.

Thank you April 19, 2015 Shawna I have had the pleasure to watch Joo Jin Mo's dramas and his movies in the past five months and I have to say Joo Jin Mo is the best actor in the world. He is the most intense actor you will ever see and one of the most charismatic-his eyes and his deep sonorous voice convey so much emotion. He is funny, creative and sweet in "Punch", and "Wanee and Junah" but powerful and vulnerable in "Empress Ki", "Real Fiction" "Sad Temptation" and "A Frozen Flower". Most definately some romance let us ladies see skin... Nothing violent or to physical abusing he's too sexy delicious for all that..

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