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Check out the greeting Ochocinco got when he tried to leap in to the Pound... Their appearance alone is enough to scare the hell out of visiting teams, not to mention how rowdy they get.They've been know to bring dummies and fake severed heads of opponents to throw around the section.The last thing you ever want to do is sit in the bleachers wearing an opponents paraphernalia.

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And he knows how to open every latch and escape so you have to be very careful. "I've enjoyed getting to know him despite him making me stressed and nervous every time it's feeding time lol.

When opening the doors to change food and water he will try and bite you the whole time. " But as soon as you get close he tries to lash out and bite while going "whaaaaaaaaamp!!

Fueled by massive quantities of beer (they have been known to sneak kegs into the stadium), their antics are the stuff of spectator legend.

Adversaries (including referees) of the Browns could expect to be hailed with a barrage of milk-bones, dog food, batteries, plastic beer bottles...

The Mecca for the ravenous fans was the "700 Level" of the old Veterans Stadium.

Upon entering the 700 level, one was greeted with the aroma of beer, pot, vomit and urine. there was a good chance you wouldn't make it out alive.

basically anything the pound can get their hands on.

These actions have actually affected the course of games.

Not even Red Sox players are immune from their fans if they are under-performing.

And if a former Red Sox player comes back to Fenway in another uniform (especially a Yankee uniform), there is no love lost as the boo-birds are out in full force. The stadium is actually designed to project noise onto the field!

OK, OK, I'm a Yankee fan (whose had the pleasure of being a creature on more than one occasion) so I'm a bit biased here...

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