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What we found was that social media presents a huge opportunity for e Harmony.

Let's set the stage to give you an understanding of the traffic breakdown for both websites: The main things to take away right off the bat is that both websites do well with direct traffic. VRBO, e Harmony has an advantage in nonbranded, organic keywords.

One of their highest-volume keyword phrases is “what is love.” That's not a terrible keyword phrase for e Harmony, but you have to wonder whether everyone who lands on the website for that term is actually looking to define the word “love,” or if they're just looking for the timeless Haddaway song?

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Even with newer dating apps disrupting the industry, Match and e Harmony are still leaders in their niche.

Match takes in over $1 billion in revenue annually.

To do this, we dug into the website analytics of each company.

We used Nacho Analytics and Spy Fu to take a peek at each company's Google Analytics.

What's even more surprising is that neither website gets traffic from Instagram.

Driving traffic from Instagram is difficult for most companies, but the photo-sharing platform doesn't even appear in the top 10 social traffic referrers for either website.

Unfortunately, e Harmony is a big loser in one high-volume, nonbranded keyword: “online dating.” Match ranks at number one for this term.

e Harmony comes in at number 14, which is on the second page.

When you consider that most sites are relatively similar, it's hard for them to get a competitive advantage. We'll set the stage by looking at the overall new vs.

That leaves one thing as the competitive advantage: the brand. returning users for each website: Match does a better job at returning visitors than e Harmony, but let's dig a little deeper to find some real insight from this data. returning users from social media and direct traffic.

Rather, they're doing something that engages current users of the site.

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