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All students can be encouraged to actively participate in oral presentations by being given a listening task-- taking notes on a graphic organizer, providing written feedback to the speaker, using a checklist to evaluate presenters, etc.

—It is critical to provide ELLs, especially at the lower levels of English proficiency, with language support for oral presentations.

These standards call for students to make effective and well-organized presentations and to use technology to enhance understanding of them.

—We have students develop and deliver short presentations (usually 2-4 minutes) on a regular basis so they can practice their presentation skills with smaller, less overwhelming tasks.

These presentations are often to another student or a small group.

Once or twice a semester, students do a longer presentation (usually 5-8 minutes), many times with a partner or in a small group.

—Mixing up how students present (in small groups, in pairs, individually) and what they use to present (a poster, a paper placed under the document camera, props, a slide presentation, etc.) can increase engagement for students and the teacher!

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They filled out a survey asking their age, interests and what they’re looking for in a potential mate.It is also helpful for student presentations to be connected to a current unit of study.This enables them to apply new vocabulary, demonstrate their learning, and feel more confident in their knowledge.Having the confidence to speak in front of others is challenging for most people.For English Language Learners, this anxiety can be heightened because they are also speaking in a new language.Research confirms that in order for ELLs to acquire English they must engage in oral language practice and be given the opportunity to use language in meaningful ways for social and academic purposes (Williams & Roberts, 2011).

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