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That is why you'll see many responses on this sub about how refreshing it is when a woman does something completely unconventional like asking a man out on a date.It's a relief not to have the pressure all on us for once. That one day, the burden of romantic relationships will be made legitimately equal and that shyer men will not be forced to always take the first step. Don't worry, an egalitarian dating scene is right around the corner.If he says no, know that dudes have been told "no" since the beginning of the establishment of dating social norms and that, like those dudes, you'll be fine! Most importantly, know that a rejection is not about you. If you get rejected, that guy just wants something different, which means you don't want to date him anyway because you'll spend your whole relationship convincing him to want your brand of you. Five out of five of the guys I just asked say they would love if a girl asked them on a date.

In same sex relationships, someone has to make the effort to get things going or else you have two people just waiting by the phone, so to speak, with nothing happening.

I think for men though, we are raised (for the most part) with the idea that we have to go out and get what we want, and that nobody is going to come to fall in love.

So, if you feel like you're the more outgoing one between the two of you, take the burden off him and ask him out.

He'll probably feel relieved someone else did the work for him.

And it's upsetting and limiting to both us and to the dudes who want to date us.

We're afraid of coming off as too assertive, too dominant or (the worst crime a woman can commit) not "mysterious" or "chase-able" enough.Since when are we the type of women to let men do things for us?Too many women are hesitant to ask guys on dates, to give guys an inkling of their interest in them.If we work together once again by changing the norm so that it's OK for women to ask men out, we can give women even choices when it comes to sex, love and relationships.The worst that could happen if you ask a guy out is he'll say no.Or are guys more likely to ask the girl out first if they have an interest in her?

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