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The fact they cannot face up to is this – they would have been on the wrong side in 1918, with those spluttering over the cheap press, the jingoistic hordes, and fickle women and men. We would have been with the Chartists and later the Suffragettes, demanding the expansion of the parliamentary franchise, and beyond that calling for even more direct forms of democracy through which ordinary people might genuinely govern the nation.

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Tim Adler is the author of The Producers: Money, Movies and Who Really Calls the Shots and Hollywood and the Mob: Movies, Mafia, Sex and Death.

Today is the hundredth anniversary of the Representation of the People Act, which granted working-class men and women over 30 the vote.

A hundred years might have passed, but such prejudices remain rampant, particularly post-Brexit. The fear of ‘uneducated democracy’, though it’s now called ‘low-information’ or ‘ill-informed’ democracy.

The concern that the ‘cheap press’ will warp poorer voters’ minds: witness the anti-tabloid hysteria of elite Remainers who are convinced the red-tops made us reject the EU.

Such elitist prejudices were expressed in the run-up to 1918, too, if in a sometimes more underhand way.

As Bernard Crick put it, early 20th-century elitists recognised democracy was a popular cause, and so gradually ‘qualifiers were slipped in front of that damned D-word’: they fretted over ‘the dangers of “unbridled”, “ill-informed”, “excessive” or “uneducated” democracy’.The dread of ordinary people who have a ‘jingoistic’ bent that can be easily marshalled by cynical orators: this sums up virtually the entire Remainer view of Brexit, which is that it was a stirring of popular prejudice by nasty demagogues.The fear of a ‘supremacy of ignorance over instruction’: see the media elite’s post-Brexit rage against anyone who questions experts and prefers to heed public opinion over elite judgement.Democracy must be a living, breathing and, yes, uncomfortable thing, not a black-and-white photo for the pretend-democrats who rule over us to get emotional about even as they seek to undermine our democratic choices in the 21st century. Follow him on Instagram: @burntoakboy (1) See Democratic Ideas and the British Labour Movement, Logie Barrow, Cambridge University Press, 2008 Picture by: Wikimedia Commons. schweigt, er möchte sich nicht zu den Vorwürfen äußern - das übernimmt sein Anwalt für ihn.The Fabians, too, bristled at the idea of full enfranchisement, leading one radical to point out that such middle-class, small-L liberals prefer to ‘pin their faith on the bureaucrat and the “expert”’.

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