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(url: libs/mod Os Date/doc/mod Os Date/mod Plugin.html) Upgrades: --------- You must change the DEFAULT_LANGUAGE in to 'english' if you are using any other language. This program will help to load states into database for selected country. This program will help to load cities into database for selected country. This program will help to load counties into database for selected country. (effected programs: and /templates/default/nickpage_and /templates/default/) 7. (effected programs: profile.php, profile.tpl, showpics.php, showpics.tpl, language file) 8.

The installer will not load any language and you will find many definitions are missing in the pages. Also, it will allow to delete already loaded states for selected country from Database. Also, it will allow to delete already loaded cities for selected country from Database. Also, it will allow to delete already loaded counties for selected country from Database. Spam control code entry is introduced in various programs given below.

Membership level controls for messages to be sent per day by a member. (Programs effected: admin/membership.php, admin/membership.tpl, admin/addmship.tpl, admin/savemship.php, language file, table structure osdate_membership, new table osdate_user_actions, mshipcompare.tpl, compose.php) 11.

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Important Note: You must define the profile question sections in the language of your choice if you want to enable multi-language option for profile questions. New Additions ============= This section lists programs and/or functions which are added in this release. Some of the fields in the user table made optional to accept.

Following fields from User Table are made non mandatory and if needed, can be suppressed in the forms.

IN 2.0, YOU MUST INSTALL THE FORUM OF YOUR CHOICE SEPARATELY AND SET THE INSTALLATION DETAILS USING ADMIN GLOBAL SETTINGS OPTION. Then you can start using forum integrated with os Date. A voting system and comment acceptance is provided. When the user is looking the profile of another member, they can add that profile to watched list, if it is not already in the list. The link is given in the profile management page in admin. The pictures count is the link to display pictures for the user. The main picture and thumbnail picture will be removed from system.

(You can install PHPBB, VBulletin, My BB or Phorum under the DOC_ROOT directory of your site. (PHPBB is NO MORE BUNDLED WITH os Date.) This release include a mechanism to develop plugins and interface is given to manage developed plugins. Please read the full documentation about the methods and other necessary details, and see some plugins before you start development work of new plugin. Using the link 'Watched Profiles' from the menu, they can manage the list. The number of thumbnails displayed is controlled by the Global Settings of Number of thumbnails to be displayed in picture gallery in one row.

Since Ska Date is based on a true open source platform of highest quality, it enjoys ovewhelming support by hundreds third party freelance developers and companies.

No competing product has this type of recognition and popularity.

Some fields can be made acceptable but non mandatory.

(Programs effected: and glblsettings.tpl, signup.tpl, edituser.tpl, modifyuser.php, admin/modifyprofile.php, admin/profileedit.tpl, nickpage_basic.tpl,userresultview.tpl, admin/userresultview.tpl, admin/nickpage_basic.tpl, advsearch.tpl, advsearch.php, admin/advsearch.php, admin/) 10.

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a) After loading to DB, they should run /admin/to rectify the Active Flag values.

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