Osu stats not updating

During this time, I played the Taiko convert of two maps.

Once the servers recovered, I left the client open so both scores could submit.

On top of PPv2's pure spacing, angles, and a basic account of patterns are taken into account.

For maps and scores, it is a combination of total Aim, Accuracy, and the highest value between Stamina and Speed.

For players, the pp total is half the weighted sum of the player's Total scores ("PPv2 total"), and half a combination of the player's total Aim, Accuracy, and Speed/Stamina rating ("osu! Aim (Total) is again, in principle, just like PPv2 aim, measuring the overall difficulty in aiming a map.

Using statistical approaches, accuracies across different ODs are normalized to a single "super-OD" and scaling is done relative to that and the map's circle/object count.

The map's average rhythmic complexity is calculated, accounting for doubles, quadruples/even streams, and 1/3, 1/6 rhythms, and is applied to the resulting accuracy value as a multiplier.

I tried redoing the score, but the SS count stayed the same.

I tried doing the same score without PF, no change.

Although generally, the higher the bpm the higher these two values will be, a high bpm burst map will have very high speed but less stamina than a 200bpm deathstream map and viceversa.

Accuracy has been completely overhauled compared to PPv2.

While not a separate skill, reading skill in the form of density is also taken into account as a bonus to Aim, with HD getting a sizeable bonus for higher densities.

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