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So, in short, they are always displayed in the order they were originally installed on your GPS and will be alphabetical in folder first, then file order within each GPI file. Uncheck the box next to Delete the saved backups 5. To view the amount of available free space your device, follow these steps below.

I also update multiple GPSs regularly and have done it with individual files since each person wants some different and some of the same files. Note that some devices are not mass storage mode devices and will not support the steps outlined in this article. Connect the GPS to your computer with a USB cable 2. A Removable Disk Drive will appear titled Garmin or nuvi, depending on the model 3. Note: some devices require you to open the drive, right-click on the Internal Storage folder, then select Properties 4.

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Common Problems and their Solutions Alerts won't work Folders for Categories not working Custom Road Avoidances have quit working Garmin Express freezes at 50% Garmin Express does not work Garmin Express won't show on screen Garmin Express won't launch Garmin Express will not show "Extras" I'm out of space I can't see my Icons I keep getting dings Importing Routes to Device I cannot keep Favorites Deleted No "Go" Button POI Loader Removes POIs POIs: Can't get rid of POIs POIs - How to load POIs to a GM vehicle POI Loader Rejects my wav files I have but files not working Can't see a .system folder Tour Guides will not work My Unit is Stuck in Demo Mode Photo Realistic JCV file will not work Missing Msvcr90. Many computer come with Windows Explorer set to "Hide extensions of known file types".

Just connect your Garmin GPS with the computer and check for available updates.

The content can be easily managed with the latest updates.

If the GPI file has multiple files and folders compiled within it then they will be displayed in alphabetically, folders first then individual files.

The 2nd GPI file will always be the 2nd file or group of files in the display order on the GPS, regardless of whether you update them later by copying updated files over top of them. Open Garmin Express and follow the on-screen prompts to add the device back to Express Thanks to metricman for posting this solution Some units will need to use a SD card because the size of the latest maps - plus the other necessary files - exceeds the capacity of the devices internal memory. The device's internal memory/storage space varies by model and by the software that is loaded to the device (e.g., firmware, maps, vehicles, voices, etc…).

only one root folder), then there can be more that 32 file sets.

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