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A bit later than expected , here is the Q3 & Q4 2017 progress report.

The first piece of evidence that we learned was that the Game file distributed with the emulator (screenshot) contained patches that were specific to PCSX2, and furthermore would not work elsewhere.

We were also able to find matching CDVD strings using a text editor, such as the message returned by the PCSX2 console when an PSX/PSone disc is inserted.

All that additional processing power allowed developers to create larger, more ambitious games over the PS2’s six-year lifecycle.

You could argue that the PS2 lived much longer than that, considering PS2 consoles were still manufactured in Japan through 2012.

The core has also been improved, while several big PRs are also close to merging, making this an exciting time for PCSX2! However, today we are writing to both you and the emulation/open-source community on a more serious matter.

Thanks to the new (and old) guys giving their time and skills to breathe some life to PCSX2 and to everyone who still believe in us and appreciate this project! Introduction and Background Information You may have heard from various sources that a second PS2 emulator for Android was seen on the Google Play Store called Damon PS2.

Final Actions and Closing Comments As a result of the circumstances and the time frame lapsing, the PCSX2 Team submitted a DMCA takedown for the "Damon PS2" app on the Google Play Store.

The developer took down the emulator before the DMCA had a chance to go through as they would have been notified about the DMCA and probably wanted to avoid being banned from the Google Play Store, citing some reason to their users about the description being bad, something which we've never seen Google remove an app for.

People who have been following our github already know how many hacks have been removed (yes, removed ) lately, with the DX11 renderer of GSdx quickly catching up to Open GL accuracy levels thanks to several contributors.

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