updating plugins for indesign - Recipient update service not updating

This attribute will define which objects appear on which Address List.

It also need to “Resolve Names” on Outlook or other MAPI Client.

I have a program that allows a user to change their name information and their ability to be seen in the address list.

Recipient update service not updating

In Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 the RUS has become a process initiated by a task rather then scanning the directory for changes.

By default when any task is run that alters a user object, such as set-mailbox or set-user, the recipient update service is called by the task.

The Recipient Update Service is a sub process that runs under the System Attendant process.

It carries several task of updating information on all the domains of a forest.

In this case what we had was a centralized portal for information where end users could request that updates be made to their accounts.

For example, if I was married I could request that my last name be updated in the directory to my new last name.

Miscellaneous:• Sets the ACL on the “cn=Exchange,cn=System,dc=My Domain” container to reflect administrative privileges given by the Exchange Delegation Wizard.• Populate the members of the “All Exchange Servers” groups on each domain of the forest.

I recently had a case come across my desk where end users reported that after changing certain attributes in the directory these attributes were reverted to original or incorrect values.

It won’t set if the proxy Addresses were manually added• Set other mail attributes, like target Address, text Encoded ORAddress and mail.

Address List:• Set the show In Address Book attribute based on the Address Lists present.

Her account currently has the following attributes relevant to our example: given Name: BARBARA sn: SMITH ms Exch Hide From Address List: FALSE proxy Addresses (2): smtp: [email protected]; SMTP: Barbara.

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