Remington 1100 serial number dating

With the serial number that you have provided,your Remington model of 1917 wa made in December of 1918.

With the serial number that you have provided,your Remington model 1903A3 was made in the year 1942.

The first serial number assigned to this rifle was serial number 3,348,086, So as you can see yours was made early on in World War II.

One of the menu options is to request information on your Remington based off the serial number.

You read off your serial number and the guy looks up in the database the year the gun was made and what the orginial barrel was for that gun.

however, the Remington model of 1917, serial number 33486 was made in 1918.............

The 1903a3 and the model of 1918 both fire the 30/06 cartridge.................

The fact we have to live with, however, is that manufacturers, and some proof houses, seem to delight in mysterious codes that have us searching in a load of reference books and websites.

For instance, Browning and Miroku have a date code of their own, as do Spanish manufacturers and the Italian proof house.

The third model was made in 6 variations, all marked, ""REMINGTON ARMS CO, ILION NY". After the merger between Remington and UMC Cartridge Co in 1910, beginning in 1911, the fourth models were marked "REMINGTON-U. He states that his testing showed the 130 grain bullet traveled at 685 feet per second (209 m/s) so producing 111 foot-pounds force (150 J) of energy - a significant difference in ballistic energy from the earlier tests.

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