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Vacations are a time when families can relax and have some fun while enjoying each other's company, but during the tail end of Matt and Amy's marriage, their family vacations became another source of stress and discontentment. The physical demands of their trip had taken a toll on Matt, who suffers from diastrophic dysplasia, a disorder of the bone and cartilage that restricts movement.

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Matt and Amy found this out firsthand in 2013 when they became the targets of disturbing death threats and harassing phone calls. When Matt began receiving abusive phone calls and noticing suspicious cars in their driveway, he said it made the whole family feel "uneasy." Amy later reveals that it wasn't her choice for Matt to leave, saying she was "saddened" by his decision.

Though they continued to remain business partners, Matt and Amy finalized their divorce in 2016.

Due to his disability, Matt is rarely seen walking and standing without the aid of two crutches.

He has also suffered from various health issues while filming, some of which could have placed a burden on his marriage. His health crisis was filmed as a cliffhanger for the Season 5 finale.

He considers the series a catalyst for his "tainted childhood." "I had tons of fun and so many opportunities and friendships, and also anger, frustration… "However; money, things, and trips — all material — cannot ultimately compensate for the immaterial experiences of a childhood innocently experienced." Jacob also confesses that he was eventually able to let go of "bitterness" directed at his parents and at the show's production company.

As their kids grew up, married, and moved away from home, many suspected Matt and Amy's union suffered from empty nest syndrome — the term commonly used to describe the grief parents feel when their children grow up and leave home.

After Amy and Matt announced their separation in 2014, Matt hopped back into the dating world.

Shockingly, he found love with Chandler and went public with their romance in 2017.

Some fans feared he'd suffered a heart attack; others wondered if it was all just a bunch of scripted drama.

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