Rss feeds not updating in utorrent

However, you can also add your own RSS feeds for your favorite TV-shows.

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The most important part, however, is where to find the RSS feeds. Most of the larger Bit Torrent sites offer search-based RSS feeds.

The reason they’re called “search-based feeds” is because they are feeds that relate to particular search terms.

This way you will have total control over your downloads.

The downside is that the downloads will not be loaded into your Bit Torrent client automatically.

An easy way to add torrents to a personal feed is to use mininova’s bookmark feature.

Another service that offers custom feeds, not restricted to mininova is Feed My Torrents. Ted, the torrent episode downloader, is an advanced TV-torrent downloader that makes it easier to import TV-torrents into your Bit Torrent client.

FMT offers several pre-configured RSS feeds that won’t list any duplicate episodes.

The site only launched recently and as such is still in Beta, but the feeds are fully operational.

Instead of relying on content from specific users, tags or searches, there are also ways to add torrents to a feed manually.

This can be used to download torrents remotely, so when you’re away from the computer your Bit Torrent client is running on in the background.

Bitcomet, u Torrent and Vuze for example all have an RSS feature.

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