Runners speed dating

A fine sentiment indeed, but one that was lamentably lost on American long-distance runner Fred Lorz.The scene was the men’s marathon at the 1904 Olympics, the third Games of the modern era, staged in St Louis, Missouri, US, and Lorz was one of 32 runners entered in the race.2/ The science of attraction There is a fascinating school of scientific thought that maintains that how far you run can actually dictate how much sex you get.

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By 2004 he had amassed almost €2,500 in fines and made numerous court appearances.

Niehenke argues that jogging in the buff is ‘sexually liberating’ and insists there is no specific law that forbids a spot of naked perambulation.

‘Maids who wish to be wives can do no better than run for the smock,’ urged an article in a contemporary sporting magazine.

‘It will afford ample opportunity to demonstrate their strength and pliability when called into action.’ As disturbing as the connotations of ‘pliability’ are, these were, after all, the days before Tinder, and men and women had to hook up somehow.

The judge in 2004, however, wasn’t having that and ruled that the ‘court does not support the defendant’s view that running naked in public is one of his civil rights’.

Many of the reports concerning the court case maintained Niehenke took to the streets in no more than his socks and trainers but one dispatch had it that he actually ran with a nylon stocking over his genitals ‘to keep them warm’.

Male marathoners around the country welcomed the conclusions of the ground-breaking study, and added an extra tempo run to their training regimes.

3/ The real run streak German sex therapist Dr Peter Niehenke is considered by many of his patients to be a guru on all matters carnal, but it is his running exploits that have made him something of a celebrity in Germany. He’s always out on the roads around his home in Freiburg, clocking up the miles and working on his stamina.

Yes, the local chaps would watch the races and keep an eye out for a potential Mrs Chap.

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