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Therefore, he tends to treat girls in his life as prized possessions instead of “just another girl,” and this mentality often leads to wasted potential sexual partners.Even if the guy is relatively good looking, his power is limited in the relationship, and he often feels content rather than happy. Communists might argue that a scarcity mentality is good in times of war or extreme duress. In other times, a growing capitalistic society where the pie is enough for everyone, a scarcity mentality may have an extreme opportunity cost for the business owner. But I've been thinking a lot lately about how certain parts of my past continue to affect me, sometimes in huge and annoying ways.

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I've been reluctant to talk about scarcity and abundance because the terms have been co-opted by “Law of Attraction” types who use them to encourage magical thinking. I want to discuss them from a psychological perspective.

I've written before about my trouble with impulse control.

It also helps students be in the moment as opposed to always going for an outcome.

and how the first few months or weeks of a new relationship is so exciting and pleasurable that people often go temporarily insane or stupid, doing or saying horrifically absurd things they would normally not.

We have one last project to do before we believe we're finished: We want to replace the rotting back deck install a hot tub.

(This was the first project we had planned to tackle when we moved in, but we had to put it off for more pressing priorities.) Kim and I know without a doubt that we'll use the deck and hot tub nearly every single day of the year.

Next, you should wait at least a year after a big breakup or divorce before you get serious with any new woman, period, particularly if you lived together for more than a year or so.

You are in no emotional condition to get into another serious relationship right now, you idiot!

If you look back on those four years, I’m quite sure that you’ll find that most of that time you were probably just having fun and banging chicks after the last relationship you had that didn’t work out, not being a serious male provider hunter looking for a girlfriend or wife. If you feel like killing yourself just because a woman left you, even if you don’t actually mean it but feel that bad, what does that say about you?

So if, out of those four years, you spent 2.5 years just getting laid and having fun, then it didn’t take you four years to find her. So stop being a dumbass and artificially expanding the numbers to make your bullshit pity-party look worse than it really is. Go here and look at how I actually had to shut down the comments in that thread because dumped guys were threatening to kill themselves, all because their girlfriends broke up with them.

Comparing 2018 me to 2007 me would be both stupid and inaccurate. Seek mental health counseling if you need to, then, for god’s sake, read my book.

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