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And when you know everything already, all the way from favorite positions to sexual secrets, how much fun can it be while hearing your partner confessing about something for the hundredth time?

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#4 What should your partner wear to turn you on while having sex? #8 Who’s the last person you undressed in your thoughts? / What is the weirdest sexual act you’ve indulged in or want to indulge in?

#10 Have you ever flashed at someone or has someone other than your partner seen you naked?

[Read: Real life sexy public flashing confessions] What happens next?

If you’ve mixed the truth or dare questions well, everyone involved would have had the sexiest time ever.

But remember, these dares for couples have a way of arousing everyone a lot more than you think! #4 Pass a candy to your partner using just the lips / unwrap a candy together using only the lips. #9 Lift your girlfriend’s shirt up from the back all the way to the collar using just your teeth.

#10 Stroke your partner’s tee shirt/pants until we see the pants move or the tee shirt stiffen.

#18 Find your girlfriend’s nipple with your teeth / lick your girlfriend’s nipple *with her clothes on if you prefer*.

#19 Slip your hand into your partner’s jeans and keep it busy for a whole minute.

Keep it fun so everyone involved can enjoy the game without breaking into a sweat. Don’t ask one partner to do something funny with another couple.

It could seem like fun, but it could turn out to be risky and risqué if you’re not careful.

You can always alter the questions to suit the sexual high you’re looking for.

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