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Presley taught the victim how to have sexual intercourse by bringing in a female high school student and using index cards to show them where to touch each other.On more than one occasion, Presley gave him some type of a sedative to relax him prior to abusing him.

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Presley then tried to hypnotize him before assaulting him.

Presley brought other children on some of these trips, including one occasion when he tried to abuse both the victim and another high school student at the same time.

The meeting concluded with a request that Presley undergo a psychological evaluation.

Presley ultimately refused the evaluation but agreed to see another doctor at the recommendation of the Diocese.

According to the grand jury report, there was a consensus amongst Diocese of Erie chancery officials that Presley was extremely violent and predisposed to assaultive behavior.

In 1988, Bobal wrote a letter to Murphy containing his recollection of a meeting with Presley.

According to a lengthy, in-depth examination of the history of Father William Presley by the grand jury, the Diocese of Erie was first apprised of Father William Presley’s sexual abuses as early as November 1987 during his assignment at St. These sexual abuses, as reported to the Diocese, involved two victims and spanned nearly sixteen years.

One of the victims had been abused as recently as 1986; the second victim was abused prior to 1971 when he was a high school student in another parish.

Trautman had personal knowledge of at least three victims, one as young as 13, who reported their abuse to him in 2002.

Only one victim was an out-of-state college student.

Between February and May 1988, various meetings or discussions were held between Presley and Diocesan officials.

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