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Manitou Springs, in Colorado has perfectly found a way of doing just that!

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Competing in nearly 100 different categories, the breweries submit their entries to be judged by a panel of experts.

Gold, silver and bronze medals are at stake, though not every category necessarily gets a medal.

Every country has their own way of commemorating the dead, whether out of respect or fear of ghostly vengeance.

But how would you celebrate a disturbing town story of a notable person and at the same time, boost local tourism?

Fall is a remarkable season in Colorado, one that offers recreation from both summer and winter.

Keep your spirits high into winter by attending some favorite fall festivals.

There are Elk cuisine, Elk exhibits, Elk booths and other Elk-inspired activities.

There is also the highly-participated Bugling contest, which is considered the “center” of the event.

In Denver alone, this event is annually celebrated by nearly 400,000 people. The activities most associated with this festival are eating, dancing, and of course drinking beer.

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