Soul eater dating sim game deaths from dating violence

He’s a gamer at heart who’s passionate about virtual reality gaming.Like many gamers from SAO and in real life, Kirito is introverted to the core. Related: 20 Sword Art Online Quotes That Are Sad Yet Inspirational.Yuki Amano is kind hearted, fearful, and terrified of others socially.

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As it shines among all the typical happy, cheerful slice of life shows we’re used to seeing.

Another is a mystery/horror anime series focused on main character: Mei Misaki.

Kodaka Hasegawa is the awkward type who’s a little nervous sometimes.

And is one of the most open minded characters you’ll ever come across.

3 of the main characters: Yui Kiriyama, Inaba Himeko and Taichi Yagashi are introverts.

With Yui Kiriyama and Inaba Himeko being the most introverted out of the 3.That being said he’s still one of the most introverted anime characters at heart.Like Future Diary, Kokoro Connect is a psychological anime series in the school genre with a twist.SAO is one of the best examples of having an introverted main character.Kazuto Kirigaya, better known as “Kirito” is the main protagonist of the show.You might not have heard of Kokoro Connect, but if you want something fresh in the school category its worth watching.

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