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The skills you learn at Cuddle Party translate into every day life, right from the start. We open with a Welcome Circle - about 1 hour for everyone to introduce themselves, to go over the 11 Cuddle Party rules, and to participate in a few ice-breaker exercises to help everyone get comfortable. :) ----------------------------------------------- FOR MORE DETAILS & TO GET A TICKET: ▶▶▶ Love Exchange: ◀◀◀ E-transfer is available, and you are welcome to pay cash at the door. :) About the Facilitator: Angela Bladon is an Empowerment Practitioner: A Life & Relationship Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Artisan and mom of 3 children.

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Join us for a beautiful opportunity to grow and authentically connect with others.

We come together to learn and practice the skills we need to ask for what we want in life, to say "no" to the things we don't want, to become empowered and build trust in our own ability to take care of ourself, to honour our own experiences and emotions as well as those of others, to develop a new way of looking at rejection, to find our voice and to learn ways to compassionately communicate with those around us. It is great for those who are single, and for those in a relationship.

She does this in her everyday life, through the transformative experiential group workshops and events she facilitates, and in the one-on-one sessions she offers to individuals and couples.

To schedule a free consultation with Angela: You are invited to a Cuddle Party!

That said, I know how awkward it can feel to meet people for the first time.

So, this won’t be like your average meet and greet! ~~ MEET - 2-pm: Everyone arrives, gets refreshments, and settles in!

You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.

It will be a facilitated gathering, while still being very fun and casual in nature. CONNECT - -4pm: Introductions, followed by some simple and fun group connection exercises, including games and activities that are designed to open up communication and get to know each other!

MINGLE - 4-5pm: Time to connect with people freely and organically – You can continue conversations with those you resonate with, connect with those you want to get to know more, make use of this time however you would like! ~~ This event is open to anyone (18 ) who is interested in meeting others!

This is over and above any events costs, which are the sole responsibility of each member to cover for him/herself.

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