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Nevertheless, Jai and his twin sister, Iris West II, never knew how long they would live.Hence their father training them to become superheroes in their own right, for as long as they could do so.

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He was a US Cavalryman in the 1830s who was endowed with the power of super-speed by a dying shaman of a local Native American tribe.

Following the event that granted him his powers, Max became a local superhero who went by the name Windrunner.

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These involve removing bad habits such as subvocalization (saying the words in your head), regression (unnecessarily stopping and re-reading), and limited fixation (reading only a single word at a time).

Although she is not traditionally associated with the Flash Family, Liberty Belle's relationship with Johnny Quick and Jesse Quick, and the fact that she possesses superhuman speed, are why we've chosen to add her to this list.

Of all the speedsters on this list, Max Crandall's origin is perhaps the most intriguing.

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During the Golden Age of Comics, comic book fans looked up to Jay Garrick, the original Flash, but it wasn't until the introduction of Barry Allen, the Silver Age Flash, that a new world of speedsters would be born, along with the concept of the Speed Force.

Interestingly, when Mark Waid brought back Max Crandall in 1993, DC Comics had renamed the character from Quicksilver (his superhero identity during the 1930s and 1940s) to Max Mercury in order to avoid confusion with Marvel Comics' speedster of the same name.

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