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The Eagle is closed in an ongoing business dispute between the recent operators of the bar and the family who own the building and the rights to the name. I was there last week, on a Tuesday afternoon right after lunch. Booths are good sized and the buddy windows so you can make sure you're a match before getting together. I dropped in hoping for a long black cock and cruised for about 15 minutes before I got an older black man to follow me downstairs.

Left my stall unlocked and had two visits in about fifteen minutes. He slid his thick 7-incher through the hole and I gobbled it like a ...

I had a fairly attractive guy come into the steamroom while I was in there by myself. Located on the Severn River under the Naval Academy bridge near the old Severn River bridge fishing pier. Went in the other day after the repainting of the bathroom stalls. About a month ago, when I pulled into the parking lot there was no around, so I went to the back of my van, opened the doors, and began to change into my hiking clothes. This place is still cruisy, but there are too many old trolls who aren't discreet. Need some younger guys, especially military, to start coming here again....

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Lots of hot young guys in the afternoon when the arcade is open. It is a city park in what is now a very empty industrial area. Activity has dwindled tremendously, which wasn't much to begin with.

This was at one time a fort that guarded the entrance to the Baltimore harbor... There is a sign posted in handwriting in the most active stall that reads 'Smile for the Camera.' I was there today and a uniformed cop tried to trick me. The security guard came in the last several times I was there. I go to school here and I did manage to find guys to mess around with on a couple of occassions. I was walking along the sidewalk and a car pulled up with two black guys in it. They took me to their apartment and both of them topped me.

Best spot for hooking up is the south end of the main beach in the trees by the Bay Bridge. I have met up with a hot Marine with a nice cock (and his large load). Someone should add directions and then the chances of encounters will be grea... Pulled in the park yesterday around twilight and saw a guy parked there. If no one is in the bathroom, wait a minute or two in the lounge, and you won't be disappointed. The last stall is handicapped so it's pretty big. Near frat row, but most people don't know its h...

I have had my dick sucked a few times here and even fucked a guy once! I believe the best times are around noon-ish, after 5, and at sunset. From Calvert County go about two miles past the bridge on Rte. After a few minutes I got out and leaning against my car started rubbing my cock. This is a quiet light rail station that can get cruisy after 8 pm.

"Versatile" sounds like you are desperate and willing to do anything just to get someone.

There is no need to rant and rave about what you will do if you become annoyed. Cruisy men's locker room, with lots of locations that allow privacy and play.The best is the steamroom that is located in the very back of the shower area. Cruisy steam sauna in the back of the men's locker room with a decent amount of privacy.Best times are late nights and early mornings, mostly older crowds and some Mexicans, both of which are fine with me. Didn't have to worry about anyone coming in due to the lack of activity and the secluded area wher... It's located in the basement off the stairway to the right. One will distract you while the other steals from your car or person. I'm a 26 year old sub bottom, so older guys ate cool for a daddy-son feeling a... If you like your men old, fat, and ugly then this is the place for you! I tried both this and the second floor in the afternoon. This week I spent my lunch hour looking for cock steak but no luck. Be cool as security is at the front door, but it's open to the public without ID check.... A lot of hot young guys are in the park from 11 pm till am. On the zoo side during the day it's mostly hustlers and people just talking.

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