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Each purchase also includes a downloadable workbook for couples to take notes in for application.

This seminar is based off the popular Total Marriage Refresh retreats in Colorado and Texas.

Yet accurately dating the poem is a difficult enterprise since the poem has such a derivative quality.

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Today the manuscript still exists, though it is falling apart rapidly due to the charring in the fire.

We do not have any definite knowledge about the poet--indeed, we do not even know the date of the poem's composition.

I love Wyatt’s energy, stories, personal testimony, the videos, and his humor.

It didn’t feel like a sermon or lecture but real life lessons we should all hear! This session will show you how to cultivate a covenant relationship to honor both God and your spouse. This session will help you understand your brokenness and how it's contributing to the dynamics in your marriage. This session will show you the keys to falling back in love and staying in love on purpose. This session will show you how to create and sustain emotional support and closeness in your relationship. This session will show you how to create a mutually satisfying sexual connection as God intended. This session will show you how to respect differences in your spouse and ensure both of you have an equal voice in the marriage.

Through the study of Old English verse, most scholars believe that the poem was composed much earlier than the Cotton manuscript, between 650 and 800.

Some words in Beowulf do not adhere to the scansion of Old English verse; however, using the older forms of the words, dating from the period given, causes the lines to scan correctly.

After countless couples requested it be made available to their family and friends out of state, this online version was created.

“The topics discussed include all that are tearing marriages apart and I feel this study can help any marriage, new or seasoned.

Beowulf directly uses many ancient stories that have been preserved in later texts, such as the legend of Sigemund and the account of the war at Finnesburh.

In addition, the poem is written with the traditional epic diction, with whole phrases taken from the other bards who sang the legends incorporated.

It is found in a large volume that features stories involving mythical creatures and people.

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