dating after divorce with teenage children - Superficial dating

In my last article about self-help, I mentioned that I spent a lot of time to be the best version of myself.

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As a gay black 27 year old feminine man that's single and looking for honest dating advice, I feel this sub is so superficial and so shit. The fuck I was thinking this is 2018 and were past that. Yeah I can conform myself to what I think society wants me to look like, get plastic surgery and become a whole new fucking person if I wanted to. I want to be the way god made me, and I hope there is a guy out there for me. Yet, I think most people who struggle with dating are actually struggling with their relationship with themselves. I can't really speak for the advice on this sub, but I know that "be yourself" is not going to work for everyone.

I've been lurking through several posts, and I just noticed a negative pattern it seems. They don't really like who they are, and have spent a lot of time in escapism rather than building themselves into what they want to be. I think a better one liner is "validate yourself", but that is confusing to just drop on someone.

you have to let go of your fears, and dive into the deep end.

This means that you may in fact get “hurt” in a failed relationship.

They view rejection as a challenge, and attempt to come up with silly games, or “super secret techniques” to persuade women otherwise.

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