Tips for dating math nerd

It only makes sense that they are in touch with who they truly are and how to handle their emotions. No, on the contrary, a geek will think things through for a while before coming up with the right things to say! They say the right things at the right times because they think them over in their heads first.

It isn’t often that a geek doesn’t know how to take control of his feelings. They are grateful for everything they have, especially when it comes to friendships. Being the smart, clever men they are, they formulate the best responses in split-second accuracy almost every time they speak. Everyone likes the great characteristics that geeks often have. Geeks make incredible boyfriends—just make sure you give them a chance!

You see, geeks have often been stereotyped as bad or unsatisfying partners for women. They are not only gifted when it comes to academics, but they make for incredible boyfriends as well!

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I can figure out the square root of any number in less than 10 seconds. My love for you is like the derivative of a concave up function because it is always increasing.

My love is like an exponential curve - it's unbounded My love for you is like a fractal - it goes on forever.

They’ve honed their skill of being funny from years of watching comedies, reading magazines, and improving their functional intelligence. Geeks are great at self-reflection and self-observation. Most women just want a regular, down-to-earth man they can connect with.

They’ve lived their entire lives being analytical and thinking everything through. They want someone who they can easily relate to, share interests with, and share commonalities with. A geek is not someone who blurts things out before thinking them over.

Zuckerberg gently suggested the commenter rethink this idea and instead encourage her granddaughters to "be the nerd" and become the next great inventor. It's a fantastic affirmation for girls who grow up reading stories where the boys are the ones on hero's quests and the girls are there to fall in love with them.

And it's a necessary one to repeat over and over again if we as a society want to help women and girls succeed in STEM fields.

They are generally introverted and keep to themselves more than others do. They know that friends are hard to come by and they don’t like losing them.

Geeks are unbelievably loyal and genuine when it comes to making friends, including girlfriends, and they will almost always put their friends first! It takes a certain level of intelligence to be funny.

What a lot of us fail to realize, however, is that this ability to absorb information translates to many other things as well.

From communication practices, to relationship knowledge, to sexual techniques even, geeks can learn ! Geeks don’t typically have an exorbitant amount of friends.

They soak in and absorb just about everything under the sun.

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