Ts 24 7 chat room

You’ll get a more thoughtful response—and avoid annoying your co-workers.

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Chat applications are one of those kinds of applications that require real-time communication between the clients and the server.

The application that we are going to make is purely Java Script based. Besides that we’ll use the Java Script development stack called the MEAN(Mongo DB, Express.js, Angular JS, Node.js) stack.

As can starting a conversation with “How’s your day going? ” One of the biggest advantages of chat over email is that it takes just seconds to send a message.

But, that means there’s often an expectation that you should reply quickly, too.

Slack, Hip Chat, Yammer, Lync, Pie, Bitrix24—one of these words most likely has a lot of meaning to you.

After all, it’s how you communicate with all your co-workers every single day.Follow these five rules, and you should be good to go.If you need an answer fast or have news your team needs to know now, this is the first place you should turn.(The others might have you scratching your head and wondering how one sentence could have so many typos.) For many companies nowadays, chat rooms are the water cooler.So, just like you need to be respectful and careful of what you say aloud in your office, you need to know the dos and don’ts of using these tools appropriately.Just make sure that you have mongo DB server running locally in your system to have the application run without errors.

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