Twitter not updating

The funny thing here is that I just went live with my new Twitter background a couple of days ago, and here I am completely redesigning and putting together another image.

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Many Twitter clients, in fact, force you to interact with the on-screen client in order to get the tweets you want delivered.

Even when the tweets are pushed to your client by Twitter, they often require a touch or mouse click to become visible.

Twitter does include APIs, though, that developers can use to push messages and create a real-time, live stream of auto-refreshed tweets.

The streaming APIs, for example, use a persistent HTTP connection and parse, filter and aggregate before storing the results to a data store.

Step 5 – Fix up your regular text and link text colors.

Step 6 – Important: Click the ‘Save Changes’ button, otherwise you’ll have to start all over again!So you've been up and running on Windows 10, and everything has been going great.Then one day, you suddenly see a list of apps queued up in the Windows Store waiting to update and stuck in the "pending" state.The process is basically the same on your i Pad, etc., however, the layout might be a little different looking. Step 1 – Sign into Twitter and then click on the ‘Edit Your Profile’ button.Step 2 – From the menu on the left, select the ‘Design’ tab and then scroll down to see the new design options. You can scale an image if you like, by zooming in and out and moving the image around.You've already submitted a recent status report for this service.

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