Unwritten rules of dating

By following these key tips you will succeed in the long run. So if you don’t hear from a woman don’t get angry, frustrated, send her a nasty message or over think it. Be prepared to have less than stellar results if you have one photo on your dating profile.

You may be aware of a few of these rules while some may surprise you. In fact, I can guarantee you’ll fail miserably when you choose to use one photo. Your inbox will be a barren wasteland devoid of any messages if you have a profile that shows minimal effort; using 1 or 2 photos, a written section with only a few sentences, a jumbled/meaningless user name and a bad headline all speak volumes to women.

40% of people will search for you on the internet to look for information about you prior to a date as well. You want to have a conversation to be sure you actually want a second date. It’s OK to ghost someone if you trade a few emails. Maybe you lost interest or found someone else you want to pursue. Believe me, she’s not going to sweat it if you vanish after 2 or 3 emails. Ghosting, however, is not acceptable if you meet someone for a date.

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Don’t expect women to respond if you hide who you are.

These are the things that go through a woman’s mind when men don’t have a photo on their profile. Leave all your bad life experiences off of your profile. Women love men who have pets; especially dogs because it shows you have the ability to care for something other than yourself.

You may disagree with a few but they all have merit and I encourage you to abide by them. The effort you put into your dating profile shows women how serious you are about meeting someone.

If you aren’t seeing the results you want, it’s time to look inward and make a few changes. Do yourself a favor and show women you’re ready for something real by putting up a complete dating profile.

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Yes, a dating profile is critical but what’s more important is the energy you put into pursuing women.

Guys who are successful on dating sites are the ones who chase women. If you think you can put up a profile and get a flood of messages because you see yourself as a “catch” you’re in for a rude awakening.

Once you start a conversation with a woman you should already be planning to get her number.

You aren’t online for a “chat buddy” so ask her out already.

The dating site shows you’re a perfect match with a gorgeous woman. You see you have the same interests and hobbies so you sit down and craft the perfect message. Using cliches like enjoying “Netflix” or “going out and staying in” and how you “live life to the fullest” is generic and show nothing about who you are.

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