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As costly as this may be, it’s a much better alternative than the risk of electrocution.

Another reason to not use a grounded plug adapter is the appliance’s possibly unsafe condition.

One tragic example was in 2005 when Tarun Mal, an associate professor at Cleveland State University, was electrocuted when he plugged a defective fluorescent lamp into a time switch using a grounded plug adapter.

Ohio’s Bureau of Workers’ Compensation reported that by doing this, Mal interrupted the emergency electrical path to ground from the metal exterior of the lamp, which he didn’t realize was electrified.

Luckily, this problem is easily fixed with a little electrical know-how or a simple visit from your local electrician. DIY electrical projects should only be attempted if you have experience with electrical work.

Here’s how you can upgrade your outlets from two-prong to three-prong: Screwdriver Flat head bit Phillips head bit An extended Phillips head bit Outlet tester Grounding wire Needle nose pliers with rubber or non-metal grip New wall outlet Step 1. When you’d rather leave home improvement projects to the pros, call Sansone.

One plausible scenario is that it dumps the excess energy into the ground conductor, which seems like it could pose a much worse problem than damaged equipment if that ground is poor or nonexistent. These questions seem related but don't directly answer the surge protector safety question: According to the most common type of surge protectors contain a metal oxide varistor or a gas discharge arrestor that utilizes the grounding wire to divert extra current.

However, as others have commented, the neutral wire is usually also used in conjunction with the ground, and therefore, you should get some, but not full protection when bypassing the 3rd prong.

The modern electric outlet is grounded at 120 volts, and has three slots: the narrow “hot” slot, the wide “neutral” slot, and the rounded ground slot.

That third slot is crucial, because if the appliance, cord or outlet malfunctions, the ground offers a path for the electricity, sending it back to the breaker box and safely into the earth.

If Mal would have used a ground-fault circuit-interrupter instead of a grounded plug adapter, he would have been safe.

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