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Move along the same side and place more nails, making sure everything is flush as you go. If the piece is too big After cutting the strips, take them back to the cabinet door and see how they fit.

I decided to strip all the old paint off my cabinet doors because they were not painted very well before But if that is not your case here are some great tutorials on prepping cabinets to paint, from Young House Love and from Cherished Bliss.

Now that I had my MDF cut and doors sanded I was ready to add the trim to the cabinets. The first step was prepping the MDF strips, to do this I sanded the edges with #220 grit sandpaper to give them a smooth finish after cutting, Next, I placed the MDF strip flat on a sheet on the ground.

Updating Kitchen Cabinets by Laminating One way in updating your kitchen cabinets is by laminating them.

This can be done for those who have wooden kitchen cabinets.

Then I placed the cabinet door right side down on top of the strip. Once both sides pieces are attached now we could add the inside trim pieces.

I moved the strip to be flush with one of the longer sides of the cabinet door, took my pencil and marked where the end of the door would be on the MDF strip. I also placed an “H” on the MDF strip that would be on the side with a handle, this helped me remember what strip went where.) to check the fit. Take the MDF strips off the cabinet door and place them right next to the side they will be installed to, placing them right side down. To do this, I took the MDF strip and placed the edge against the newly added trim piece.Coating the Kitchen Cabinets Another way that you can do in making your kitchen cabinets is by recoating them.If you have painted kitchen cabinets, then you can just coat them again. A year ago we were talking about what to do with our kitchen cabinets because they were dated.In the end, we decided to You have probably seen tutorials on how to DIY a shaker style cabinet door because I have and I used their tutorial to start my updates, like this one or this one.Meaning there would be some prep work to the plywood before it would be ready to add to the cabinet doors.

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