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Other specifications of the Intra Sonic RETRO-M Intercom System include the ability to tune stations directly from each room station, sharing between intercoms through the master station, and an optional door release function.The intercoms are programmed with listen or talk functions, either with or without using hands.

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Commercial or residential, large or small, any venue can benefit from the numerous features that the Intra Sonic RETRO-M Audio Intercom System has to offer.

Schools, business offices and home residences are only a few popular locations for the Intra Sonic RETRO-M Intercom System.

The master station pairs with an optional hand held remote for convenience.

For more information regarding the Intra Sonic RETRO-M Intercom System contact us at BEC Integrated Systems.

Replacing an intercom system can be challenging, but luckily, there are a number of intercom systems that can be retrofitted into existing installations and use the same wiring and enclosure specifications, saving you time and money.

If you are unsure as what system is right for your home, Home Controls provides free advice and product recommendation, as well as a free quote to help you make your home more connected.

The Nu Tone NM100 Complete Retrofit Intercom Kit is no longer available.

The recommended replacement for old Nutone 3 and 4-wire systems is the Intrasonic RETRO Intercom System.

Click here to check if this product can replace your existing Nu Tone intercom The existing wiring may be used for installation, but all of the remote stations and speakers must be updated.

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