Sexoygrils xxx vidoe com - Updating status on production orders

You can access information about customer accounts, including current (open) orders and past (closed) sales orders.You can use the Check Credit program (P42050) to compare a customer's total accounts receivable and open orders with their credit limit.

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For example, an order that you confirm for shipment has a status code of 560.

You can set up multiple status codes to complete the sales order process.

The system places the data in the Transaction Workfile table (F41021WF).

This table is identical to F41021, except that it holds the data only temporarily.

You can also access and review sales history information.

You can review billing information that does not print on the invoice that the customer receives, such as the status of any related orders.You set up a status code for each of the steps in the sales order process using order activity rules.The system uses these codes to track the status of an order within the sales order process.You can manage planned orders from the Planned production orders, Planned purchase orders, and Planned transfer forms.You can use the Status field to help track your progress.This is helpful when you must provide information to a customer during order entry.

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