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I read in oracle documentation (https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/network.112/e4... Hi: I want to clean some space about some tables ,there are a few ways ,such as move ,shrink and impdp. I know when any changes are made to base tables then those changes are reflected are on view as well when view is refreshed. Dear Sir, I have created a table with a composite primary key and few indexes.

I want to know which one is better regardless of space consideration and assume this tables can use all those methods. We have a load of legacy code that uses ORA_ROWSCN as an optimistic locking field. )-digit field for the host variable, and we experience horrible problems when the SCN ticks past the size that this can accommo... In one of the SQL the where clause is a combination of Index Column and non-index columns, however the query is not using the index column and instead going for Full Table Scan. Hello, Is there a way to get all the keys that exist in a JSON column?

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Hi Tom, Great to visit ask tom site i'm keep on learning oracle things here. i have loaded with "SRC_key = 16" new source data into tables which we used in this view. Short question: If I delete cca 3M entries from table of cca 6.5 rows (and 19 columns), would it be beneficial to re-index? Hello, I want to use TDE tablespace encryption on my database.

One part of my study is "how can I manage my Master key" : my security officer ask me to change regularly the key.

Open SQL is used to access database table defined in ABAP dictionary irrespective of the database platform the R/3 system is based.

In contrast, native SQL statements are used to access database tables not defined in ABAP dictionary and hence allow us to integrate data not part of R/3 system.

The addition AS can be used to name the connection. We store this name in SAP database table DBCON (field ‘CON_NAME’).

dbs is specified either as literal or using a variable.

The cursor index points to each row and the period operator In the below listing, an implicit cursor FOR loop with a SELECT statement is processed for a set of employees.

Here, the OPEN stage is started internally once the program control reaches the FOR loop, the FETCH operation is performed inside the loop and the CLOSE stage is performed once the program control exits the loop.

To indicate the ABAP processor that the following statement is native SQL statement and hence to bypass R/3 database interface, we need to precede such statement by EXEC SQL and followed by ENDEXEC as shown below: The addition PERFORMING is applicable only with the SELECT native SQL statement (also, not applicable in OO ABAP context) and calls the routine ABAP_ROUTINE after each successful call of SELECT statement.

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