pros cons dating rich man - Updating xp to service pack 2

So, for those of you installing Windows XP from scratch, running SP2 straight afterwards will ensure that you've got every fix and the most up-to-date versions of every file, all in one clean hit.However, anyone who currently has problems with a PC running Windows XP and Service pack 1 shouldn't expect SP2 to be a cure-all — it's far better to attempt to solve any issues you have before you apply the update.Unfortunately, as some of its users have already found, the Sonar mixing engine uses some self-generating/modifying code that can cause Windows to stop execution of the code and warn about a possible security problem.

The most obvious outward sign that you've installed Microsoft's Service Pack 2 for Windows XP is the new Security Center (sic).

You should install SP2 on any PC connected to the Internet, but there are some caveats (see main text).

Unfortunately, some music-specific problems have also surfaced at the same time.

In improving "compatibility, stability and data integrity," Microsoft's updated Firewire drivers now cause problems for many Firewire 800 (IEEE 1394b) devices.

Nevertheless, SP2 does update a huge number of core system files with recompiled and improved versions, and incorporates all the Hot Fix updates released since SP1, including six that directly affect audio matters.

SP2 also contains all the fixes that were included within the previous Service Pack 1.However, while anyone with Internet access will, of course, be most interested in these features, SOS readers running music-only Windows XP partitions won't yet find anything of much interest.Support for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless networking has been improved, and there's a new version 9.0c of the Direct X graphics components, but once again neither of these will specifically benefit musicians.Back in PC Notes March 2004, I mentioned that Microsoft had released a Beta version of the Windows XP SP2 (Service Pack 2) to their registered Beta testers.As I write this, the final version is available in its full-blown IT Professional and Developers version — although, at 266MB, it won't be a popular download for those with 56k modems.Nero Burning ROM and Nero 6 Ultra are both affected, as is AOL 9.0, Pinnacle's Studio 9 and Instant CD/DVD 7, plenty of games, various firewalls and virus checkers, and even a selection of Microsoft's own applications, including Office and Word XP.

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