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But instead you get Zero coming to bless them....o_OAnyway, I realised one thing about this game, apparently whoever is the second most intimate to you, he will become the person that appears to say stuff to you when your main bishie confesses.Hearing how scary his voice sounded, I kept justifying and say Ichijou had been very kind and supportive and that is why I am attracted to him.

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Ichijou, you're so sweet~"Then turning around, Kaname was suddenly standing there!!

I really really admire how Kishio Daisuke did the voice of Kaname, like OMG, although his voice was still the same calm soothing Kaname voice, you could so tell that HE IS FURIOUS!!!

Even if you don't understand Japanese, this is a great game to play. *wink, wink* ;) Loved this game, and still playing it! You can chase after and possibly date many of the Vampire Knight characters.

There's also quite a few fun, and funny, mini-games you can play.

And really, maybe alot of you dont really care about Yagari, but he was sooo hawt in this game.

Fukuyama Jun วันเกิด : 11 มีนาคม ราศี : มีน อายุ : 18 ปี ส่วนสูง : 177 ซม.

I've always been a big fan of manga and anime, but vampire knight was by far the best, in my opinion.

Although some of the episodes are bizarre in this game, it was very fun, all in all.

I guess I got so moved by Yagari because I am OBA-SAN, and I have a thing for mature man who says and do stuff not in a corny way but was still able to make you scream because it just MAN!

So I got upset at him for giving Chibi a hard time, and I think he was a mean person.

Suwabe Junichi วันเกิด : 29 กรกฎาคม ราศี : สิงห์ อายุ : 18 ปี ส่วนสูง : 188 ซม.นักเรียนไนท์คลาส ที่นอกจากร่างกายสูงใหญ่ ผิวเข้ม พูดจาตรงๆจริงจัง เขายังมีรอยสักรูปไฟอยู่ที่สะโพกซ้าย ใช้ไฟเป็นอาวุธ ถึงบางครั้งจะดูท่าทางน่ากลัว แต่จริงๆ แล้วเป็นคนใจดีมาก และยังเป็นญาติของ CV.^0^/Second part will be Yagari's storyline because it is alot shorter than everyone else, but seriously, I was so touched by it ;_; Yagari is just so smexy, hawt, wild, manly, drool all over him (* ̄∇ ̄*)Following on from the Ichijou route where I was surprised Kaname had no particular response when his best friend took his girl from him!

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